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Tom Staskiewicz Bio


      Certified Trainer

      Professional Speaker


      Career and Accountability Coach

      Project Manager

      Business Owner

Tom Staskiewicz has been assisting companies as a Project Management Consultant for over 30 years. As an independent consultant Tom has created a personal brand that sells his skills and abilities. Over the years that brand has had to be redefined to meet the needs of the companies Tom serves and maintain his role as a critical resource.

Through the process of building his own brand Tom has gained the knowledge that enables him to help others build their brands and, when necessary, redefine their skills to adapt to a changing market.

Client Companies

Tom has had the privilege to work in various roles for many of the largest companies; including IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Nike, Daimler Trucks (Mercedes Benz and Freightliner), Novell, US Bank, Providence Health Systems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kellogg, Herman Miller, the United Auto Workers, UpJohn, Whirlpool, Steelcase, American Seating, Baker Furniture, AmWay Corporation, Donnelly Mirror, Chevron, Word Perfect, The South Bend Clinic, Western Michigan University, Michigan State University, St. Mary's Hospital, Old Kent Bank & Trust, Union Bank, Thomason Auto Group, and many others as a trainer, consultant, and speaker.

It is these experiences that have served Tom well over his career. He has a track record of successes in managing and completing enterprise projects and he is always looking for the next opportunity to make an organization or individual successful.


Throughout his career Tom has been recognized as an over-achiever. Whether it was while in the Air Force where he was recognized repeatedly at the Base, the Strategic Air Command, and Headquarters Air Force levels; at IBM where he was recognized as the Branch and Great Lakes Region "Rookie of the Year"; or by Novell when he was selected as an "Outstanding Educator of the Year". Success has followed Tom.


Tom earned his BS, graduating with honors, in Business (Human Resources and Marketing emphasis) from Northern Michigan University while concurrently serving in the Air Force. He earned dual MBAs in Marketing and Management from Grand Valley State University.

Tom is an avid reader and encourages you to take a look at his extensive library of books where you can order directly from Amazon.