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Welcome to Author 2.0

The Success of Your Book Is Dependent Upon You, Your Book
and Your Promotional & Marketing Efforts!

Successful and "best selling" authors understand this. They realize they must be actively involved in their book from the writing of the first page to the sale of each and every book.

Successful authors create a "book plan" and they know from the beginning their expectations for their book. They know how many books they plan to sell, how they plan to sell those books and when they plan to sell their books.

What Is Author 2.0

Several years ago the Internet went through a change which was identified as Web 2.0. The changes came as a result of the new interactive applications such as My Space, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay and any number of other interactive websites. Things were drastically different as technologies evolved.

The author environment is no different. Today we have self-publishing, Print-On-Demand (POD) and, most importantly, self-marketing and promotion. Author 2.0 is about these rapidly occuring changes and the need for authors to recognize their new flexibility and new responsibilites.


Tom Staskiewicz has started or co-founded five companies. His current endeavors are UPPROACH, Simply Smarter Rx or SSRx and To Your Career Success. Tom lives in Oregon with his wife and two sons. He has a son serving a two year Church Mission in Peru, two daughters with their families in Oregon, three children with families in Michigan and a son in college in Idaho.